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The Korean DMZ
As a young Army captain in 1969, I comanded a reinforced infantry company of 250 well-trained soldiers of the 1st Battalion, 32nd Infantry Regiment, 7th Infantry Division on the Korean DMZ. We were paid "combat pay" because the DMZ really heated up during 1968. My remote DMZ sector of responsibility was less than a 1/4-mile long and we would sometimes go two or three weeks without firing a shot and suddenly we were in a firefight with North Korean/Chicom infiltrators who frequently probed our defensive line, sniped at us and tried to turn our Claymore mines around to point at us. On one occasion, I nearly lost my life to a sniper although I ended up going  home and he did not. These photos in the gallery below are a small memory of that DMZ experience in 1969. See "Gallery" below.
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