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Electron Rock
An "indie" music CD of old-school, Southern rock, recorded in Tommy's virtual, multi-track, digital studio with modern instruments and electronics. It is a one-man-band creation from Tommy's "bucket list". Each instrument, i.e. drums, bass, guitar, piano, etc, was recorded by itself, one track at a time, followed by the next instrument track and so on until a complete song was built up. Some songs required up to 14 tracks. The result is clean, all-original music which can be bought at Amazon and other retailers but can be freely heard here. Scroll down and enjoy!
Funkus Americanis - 3:14
Dragon Dance - 2:58
Nyctophobia - 3:07
Suzie Queue - 3:31
DisCoca - 3:14
Ginger - 3:01
Movin' On - 1:51
EZ - 2:01
So Little Time - 3:25
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