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`21 Triumph Street Triple R 765
The quintessential sport bike for discriminating Dragon riders. :-)
Background song "Movin' On" by Tommy.
Michelin Power GP Tires
DID 520VX3 Chain x 120
16/48 Gearing Sprockets
Triumph Rear Seat Cowl
Shorai Lithium Battery
Evotech Tag Mount
Throttle Spacer

Modus Operandi:
Oil - Castrol Power 1 Racing 4T Syn 10W40
Tire Pressures Cold - 32.5 Front - 30 Rear
Wet Weight: 396 Pounds w/2.5 gal. Fuel
Suspension - OEM Sport Settings F & R
OEM Throttle Map - Sport Mode
2020 ST 765 Service Manual
Website by Tommy
WebSite X5 Evo
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